Why The Silence?

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WarisPeaceAnother year, another war launched by the United States.  We’re now killing people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran (covertly),… and now our “president of peace” is bombing Libyans.

What I find most sickening is the silence from so called “liberals” in America.  When Bush was president, these people whined and complained about “his” wars, about the loss of freedoms, etc.  It was all personalized to Bush– the evil idiot.

Now that suave Obama is president, these same people seem to have no problem with the occupation of Iraq, the occupation of Afghanistan, the bombing of Pakistanis, and now a full-scale bombing of Libyans.  These “good Americans” also seem to have no problem with the renewal of the “Patriot Act” and, indeed, the acceleration of the destruction of personal liberties.. and the Bill of Rights.

Americans are all about fashion and image and TV performance.  Liberals like Obama because he sounds educated and seems suave… and says soothing things about “hope” (and says bad things about rich people).   The average American doesn’t care about reality or actions… just about image and talk.

Likewise, “Conservatives” love Bush, Palin, etc. because they sound “down to earth” and “straight-talking”.  They say soothing things about patriotism, family, and business.  They also care nothing about reality or actual actions.

And so the American government (with it’s British pets) continually launches wars for oil… regardless of who is president.  The government continually clamps down on civil liberties.. regardless of who is president.  The government continually serves the mega-banks and mega-corporations, regardless of who is president. And CNN, the BBC, Fox News, etc. continually churn out the propaganda to promote the core agenda of every American government:  banks, oil, mega-corps, control.

That’s fine with most of my fellow countrymen & women, just as long as their president presents an image they can identify with….   in America, politics is nothing but lifestyle marketing.





2 Responses to “Why The Silence?”

  1. Drew Costen on April 2nd, 2011 3:57 pm

    Actually, most liberals I know are criticizing Obama for all of his various problems, including, but not limited to, his stance on war.

    Watch Real Time with Bill Maher for a more public example of liberals criticizing him.

  2. admin on April 2nd, 2011 8:25 pm

    Drew… great suggestion. Bill Maher is fantastic!

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