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It’s the beginning of Summer.  For many that’s vacation time, but for us it’s our time of most intense work/play.

We’re currently on Maui and will be through the Summer.  I’ve learned to kite-board and am finally an independent rider.  It’s great fun!

During this summer we’ve started a number of very big projects for our businesses… and Tomoe is working with her sister to start a new business– providing Japanese lessons.  I suppose I’ll have to become a semi-serious students of Japanese… or at least make the attempt!!

A pleasant side-effect of being on Maui is that suddenly lots of people want to visit us!  We’ll have visitors throughout the summer.  Tomoe’s sister (and her baby) are here with us until July.  My best friends Kristin and Joe will be spending the month of July here (and possibly renting a place full-time on Maui).  My Mom is spending 2.5 weeks here starting in mid-July.  My Dad will come for a couple of weeks in August.  And Tomoe’s Mom and youngest sister may come in September!  A full house through the whole summer!

In Fall, we’re planning our usual trip to Asia.  This year we will spend a month in Japan, then another 1.5 months in SE Asia…  with probably visits to Nepal, Thailand, Singapore, and Bali.

We’ll be back in the States for Winter… and then are planning a trip to South America in the Spring.  In fact, we’re planning to take 2 big trips a year from now on… one in Fall and one in Spring!  What can I say, we love the nomadic life!

At some point we hope to visit Barcelona to have a convention with our European students (who are fabulous)… though no idea what the possible dates would be.

All of which is to say that life is very very good!  We are, to quote Will Ferrell, “living the dream”.

And each day I am more appreciative and grateful for that.


2 Responses to “Summer”

  1. Gilbert Head on June 22nd, 2012 6:31 am


    Glad you’re enjoying Maui. If you can send me a snail-mail address, I can send you some Tom (remembering your offer to deliver some of him to his favorite temple in Bangkok…..). Hope that this finds you and Tomoe both well.

    Best, g

    P.S. Pete and I went out and cleaned the marker yesterday, and remembered your prayer flags…..

  2. Julia on June 23rd, 2012 6:28 am

    My friends who have travelled in the U.S. told me that here in Italy we live five years back compared to America! All the fashion, technology, and life styles come here 5 years later! And, if I think about my life, I can see that it’s the same! I’m now in the phase in which probably I’ll be compelled to leve in a car! 😛 And I’m not scared of that! :) And I’m so so sooo happy that you are now “living the dream”, because actually I’m “dreaming the life” I would like to live! And I know it will never be like your life, but you inspire me so much! I don’t want to be rich! I don’t want to be well known! I don’t want to be anybody special! I just would like to “live fully” as you do! And to be myself for the first time in my life! No rules to follow, no people to obey to… Just do what I’m able to do!
    Thank you “Skald” 😀 for your great philosophy of life!

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