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As I stated in my last post, the biggest barrier to becoming healthy is the need to be abnormal.

In other words, the challenge is a psychological one.  You don’t really need to become an expert in bio-chemistry!  You don’t need to understand all of the complexities of nutrition.

The main challenge is to break the emotional conditioning that has been programmed into you (and me and everyone).  To be healthy, you must re-program your beliefs and emotions regarding food, fitting in, etc.

Most health programs focus on the details of diet and exercise… and they totally neglect the HUGE psychological challenge.

Most people need specific strategies and support for:  breaking limiting beliefs, breaking emotional conditioning, breaking physiological addictions,… as well as creating strong healthy beliefs, re-conditioning their emotions, and establishing healthy lifetime habits.

So that’s where my research and experimentation is taking me… I’m exploring methods that will help people change their psychology in order to create health and vitality.

And, as always, I am first experimenting on myself…

Results to follow…..


2 Responses to “Psychology Again”

  1. admin on March 5th, 2012 4:12 pm

    As Tony says, “Success is 80% Psychology, and 20% Method”.

  2. Eimis on March 6th, 2012 12:33 pm

    Yeah of course I agree that 80% of success depend on your psychology.
    ”Most health programs focus on the details of diet and exercise” that’s true, a lot of people knows where they should start to live healthy life, start to exercise, eat healthy etc. however they lack motivation to do this. Maybe they perform their healthy living 1, 2 weeks and after that their motivation goes down and they stop! The return back to previous lifestyle and starts to think ”OK today I can let myself to eat unhealthy maybe sweets, pizza etc. but tomorrow or next Monday I’ll start to life healthy life again”
    I know that because I did it myself and still at this time I lack motivation to do certain things I would like to change many things in my life but after time my motivation goes down. I’m looking inspirational videos on Internet, read motivational self improvement articles while I’m doing this I feel I can change myself in the better position than I’m right now. However next morning I get up and I have no idea where I should start to live my ”better” life.
    Any suggestions how to stop behave like a looser?

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