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I’m a nomad.  A “neo-bedouin”.  I simply love the variety and challenge of travel.

I have lived in a car.  I’ve lived in a van.  I’ve backpacked around Asia.  I’ve lived in several Asian countries on a shoe-string.  They were all great experiments- interesting and growth-producing.

Over the past few years, however, I’ve been a lot more stationary…  kind of “stuck” in San Francisco. It has never truly felt like home.

That situation is soon to change.  Tomoe (my wife) and I have decided on a nomadic lifestyle that fits our needs.

I, starting this Fall, will be a true nomad–  splitting my time every year between Southeast Asia (probably KL, Malaysia), Kyoto Japan, and the US.  I’ll spend roughly 4 months in each place.

We plan to rent a house in Kyoto.  Kyoto is a fantastic place– the old capital of Japan. It is filled with marvelous temples, traditional houses, and bamboo-lined paths (in addition to a fully modern city).  Kyoto has tons of artists and artisans, lots of students, and lots of health-conscious people.  It has the most vegan/veg. restaurants of any Japanese city I’ve visited.  The city is also surrounded by hills and mountains– plenty of hiking and nature nearby.  It’s an ideal place to spend the summer– which is what I’ll be doing.

Tomoe has given me the task of learning Japanese while I’m in Kyoto- so that’s one project I’ll be focused on there!  In addition, I’ll be doing classes and seminars for Japanese companies (and for my planned non-profit Foundation), doing seminars in other nearby Asian countries (Korea, China, Taiwan,..), and writing & planning lessons.

Kuala Lumpur is a fully modern SE Asian city.  Tropical, diverse… and packed with fabulous food- incredible Indian food (better than India, in my opinion),  Chinese food, and Malay food… and an amazing bounty of tropical fruits and veggies.   It’s a bustling place… but unlike Bangkok… has clean air.  My good friend Kenny (another Georgia boy) already lives there and, next year, also becomes an entrepreneur.  KL is always hot and sunny– a perfect place to spend the Winter– which is what I’ll be doing!

While in KL I’ll be mostly focused on doing as many seminars as possible– in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, S. China, and India.  We’ll also enjoy hiking trips.. and of course, lots of diving.

The final 4 months of the year I’ll spend in the USA– visiting friends and family, attending seminars, and recording lessons for Effortless English.

I’ve felt a giddy excitement building inside me every since we decided on this schedule.  Taking to the open road and the open skies….  moving with the seasons…  the nomadic life is calling me again….


4 Responses to “Nomadic Life”

  1. Aaron on June 30th, 2011 2:39 pm

    Awesome! Sounds like the perfect lifestyle for you two. And best of all you’ll be right here in Kyoto each year. I’ll have to show you some nice hikes in the hills north of the city….

  2. Nabla on July 30th, 2011 2:45 am

    It’s so sad to always write and never get an answer….
    But I still do it! I leave comments, I ask questions, I write nonsense sometimes, I can’t help, I’m listening to your (AJ’s) voice all the day long for the EE lessons, so my mind constantly talks to you!
    I didn’t know about your hobo-life but I could guess you were a writer! Only a poet could be so kind with people as you really are! I love to read about your life experiences and I thank you so much to have left all the archives here! You are really amazing! (I’ll never model this part of your life, but I admire you for that a lot! I model AJ, I admire Skald!) But one thing I’d like to do is traveling (I started studying languages for that reason when I was 18 years old, but then… it remained one the unfulfilled dreams of mine – all of them actually are unfulfilled – too much thinking and no actions at all – unfortunately)
    So why am I writing? What do I want? Well,to say hello and to say I worship you as usual, of course, but, maybe, there’s something else… I have a big dream… too big maybe…and reading your posts, listening to your lessons, this dream is pushing me out of my usual normal comfortable maybe-boring-but-not-too-much kind of life style, and there is a risk that my super-boring-ego will shut this voice up! I need a little tiny thread (maybe this post is!) to keep my dream alive, I have the enthusiasm I lack the courage.
    To Skald from Julia

  3. Eimantas on September 23rd, 2011 12:43 pm

    Hi AJ of course great article as usual your life is very interesting :) I have a question for you why you write here quite rarely? I wait your new article but I don’t see them ;[

  4. random visitor on December 5th, 2011 7:36 am

    Just wanted you to know that there appears to be an error on your Web site header: it says something about “Enter 468×60 Banner Code Here.” Thought you might want to address that.

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