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I just finished a 2.5 month trip to Australia and SE Asia– my normal Winter “walkabout”.  I find this is a great way each year to rejuvenate my mind.  This trip gave me time to think about what I’d done in 2012 and what I want to do in 2013.

Mentally rejuvenated, I’m ready to tackle a lot of new learning.  My goal remains the same– to continue improving my coaching/teaching/creative skills in order to do a better job of fulfilling my mission.

I have identified several new areas in which I want to improve.  One is psychology– specifically the psychology of peak performance and happiness.  I want to do a better job of helping people achieve the life of their dreams (and be happy)!   So, next month I will attend ~ 3 week Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) training with Richard Bandler.

I have also identified storytelling as an area I need to improve.  My teaching technique relies heavily on storytelling, and frankly, my skill is mediocre.  So I am reading books about scriptwriting and storytelling.  Most of all, I will be writing a big new project to use with my lessons.  The best way to improve as a writer is to do a lot of it! (especially re-writes).

Finally, I have identified performance as a key area to improve.  I not only write the lessons and stories, I perform them (on stage or on camera).  I want to add more emotion (especially more emotional range) to my performances.  I plan to take some voice acting classes first, and then maybe a stage acting class… in order to improve my ability.

With all of these skills, I know I’m likely to fail first– to be awful.  Thats always the first step.  The key to mastery is to just keep going.

With each year that passes, I become more and more convinced that PERSISTENCE is perhaps the most important secret to success in anything.  Persistence plus Passion/Enjoyment really is the magic formula.

Just keep learning.


4 Responses to “Never Stop Learning”

  1. Julia on March 1st, 2013 6:20 am

    Great AJ!

    It’s nice to hear again about you in this little spot of the web :)
    And your goals are so inspiring that’s impossible not to get captured by them!

    Do you want to know what’s the best thing that you did in 2012?
    (I’ve followed every single move you made, that you let us know about, and all of your courses and lessons)

    Well it’s this: for sure and forever…..

    ….The Ambassador Teacher Training Course!!!! Which actually was not only about teaching but about managing your life in general!
    I’ve LOOOOOOVED IT! And I’m still living on the principles I’ve learned there with you and out great peer group! By the way, we are all still in contact on Skype on our great group!

    But the reason that I particularly loved it is….
    ….wait for it…. (haha)
    … your commitment! Seven Teleseminars in a row one every week! That was so great!

    And I feel that that course also changed you! Many of the ideas you have now you started talking about to us on those Teleseminars! It’s so great to grow together and be a strong community of positive, supportive, caring people!

    Thanks AJ for doing all you do! Even when you think you are not perfect and you are going to fail you are FAAAAARRRRRRRRR better than any conventional teacher of businessman.
    Be yourself, you can’t fail!

    With tons of esteem and admiration

    Julia from Italy — your student forever!

  2. Udo on March 8th, 2013 10:30 pm

    My spiritual journey started in 1991 with a NLP course ($1,500) followed by ESP Landmark and Vipassana Meditation. Looking back,I probably wouls skip NLP and the rest and just focus on Vipassana as it provide the insight would needs to face the world. There is a free Vipassana meditation center by S.N. Goenka in Kyoto with ten day courses. Warning, ten days of sitting in silence is really tough but enlightening.
    On my bucket list is the temple trip you did.

  3. Julia on March 24th, 2013 4:57 am

    Hi AJ,

    I made my Twitter account public now and I have a bunch of followers, so… when I just want to talk to you only, I come here, to find my poet… :) and just… speak my mind…as the title says…

    I’ve bought your Real English package lessons last year, and I only learned the two lessons that you did personally all by yourself! Why?

    Because I made a plan at the beginning, and it was: listen only to AJ for at least one year! I made it for two years, actually, and I have to say that it worked! Totally and completely.

    Listening to different English sources, like movies, podcasts, and casual things, helped me a lot but I focused on LEARNING English only with your lessons!

    This choice gave me two things:
    1- My pronunciation became more confident as I followed just you as my model.
    2- I started enjoying learning so much, because you are such a nice and interesting guy!

    Anyway you said that Learn Real English is kind of an advanced course, and you also told me “you’re going to enjoy it”, so I decided to start listening to it seriously.

    Today I put on my ipod the first lesson set and I’ve just finished to listen to it for the first time.

    You were right! Of course, as usual 😉 The course is great! I found lots and lots of sentences and expressions that I didn’t know… and Joe’s mini-story is long and funny with all those questions he asks so calmly :)
    Also Kristin’s vocabulary lesson is useful and I listened to it carefully.

    There’s something AJ that is missing though… you? Yes of course… and also and especially your so precise way to explain things!

    I’ve always admired this great skill of yours!
    In your explanation all is so clear, so plain, so perfect… in the exact moment when I’m thinking…”oh…what does this means really?…” you give the answer. And it’s a fast process, it lasts milliseconds, and you answer to any little doubt the same moments when I’m thinking about it! I’ve always wondered how can you do it! I think it’s 20% practice and 80% innate ability.

    So, I’m not complaining here, and I’ve decided to listen to all the 30 lesson sets of LRE, I like learning new idioms.

    What I miss is your explanations, because you not only explained them with synonyms or similar sentences, you gave the total explanation of why you say that, and also what it really stands for in the idiomatic sentence. I’m not going to search for those meaning myself on dictionaries as I don’t want to read any grammar or translation here! But I really think you are the only teacher I will learn from for all of my life!

    Whatever you are deciding to create now!
    Go on, do it, and do it boldly!

    It will be your second Masterpiece, the first being PE+VIP together!

    Enjoy your talent, you are a special, unique teacher!

    Your student forever: Julia from Italy

  4. Marwa on June 2nd, 2015 12:06 pm

    yes ..we have not to give up

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