My name is Skald Hareksson (aka AJ).  This is both my personal blog and a storehouse of wisdom for anyone who would live a free and fulfilled life.

I am a writer, traveler, musician, and entrepreneur.  I started Hobopoet in 2003 while living in my van with my dog. Since then, I have lived in Thailand, Japan, and San Francisco… and have traveled extensively.

I have been a freelance writer, a social worker, a security guard, an English teacher,… and many other things.

I now own a successful internet company which funds my constant travels and learning experiences…  as well as this site.

I’m currently based in San Francisco, though I spend much of my time in Thailand, Japan, and on the road.

Read the Archives of Hobopoet (starting in 2003), to see how it all started:


Then check back here for updates on the continuing adventure.

But don’t just read…  use this site to inspire your own adventures in Freedom, Voluntary Simplicity, Kindness, Self-Reliance, and Independent Travel!