Future Pacing

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A vital requirement for getting healthier is the ability to “future pace”.

This is an NLP term.  It means to see, feel and experience the (desired) future as if it is real and happening right now.

I believe that the reason that people choose normalcy over health is that they really don’t know how AMAZINGLY GREAT health feels!  They can’t put themselves (psychologically) into that future state.

Instead, most people focus on the discomfort of the getting healthier– the inconvenience of eating differently, the social challenges of eating differently, the physical discomfort of exercising.  They focus on these because they are more immediate.

Compared to the ease of being normal, these challenges feel very unpleasant.

Future pacing can bypass this.  The more you can imagine FEELING AWESOME, the more motivated you are to achieve that result.  Health isn’t about looking great.. it’s about feeling great:  energized, happy, passionate, vibrant and alive!

Helping people imagine that… and then see it and feel it vividly… is the challenge of the coach.  The more we can do that, the more we will help people!


Psychology Again

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As I stated in my last post, the biggest barrier to becoming healthy is the need to be abnormal.

In other words, the challenge is a psychological one.  You don’t really need to become an expert in bio-chemistry!  You don’t need to understand all of the complexities of nutrition.

The main challenge is to break the emotional conditioning that has been programmed into you (and me and everyone).  To be healthy, you must re-program your beliefs and emotions regarding food, fitting in, etc.

Most health programs focus on the details of diet and exercise… and they totally neglect the HUGE psychological challenge.

Most people need specific strategies and support for:  breaking limiting beliefs, breaking emotional conditioning, breaking physiological addictions,… as well as creating strong healthy beliefs, re-conditioning their emotions, and establishing healthy lifetime habits.

So that’s where my research and experimentation is taking me… I’m exploring methods that will help people change their psychology in order to create health and vitality.

And, as always, I am first experimenting on myself…

Results to follow…..

Fat Merchants

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For quite a while I had a very judgmental attitude about fat people in America (ie. most people).  I would return from a trip to Asia and be shocked anew by the fat and obesity and sloth of the American people.

I am still shocked by it.  It’s an outrageous situation- one that Americans accept as “normal” (and therefore, somehow OK).

However, I don’t have the same harsh judgement about these people, because I now realize that the health situation in America is caused by something far more sinister than laziness and sloth.

Why have Americans become so fat and unhealthy so quickly?  My grandmother’s generation didn’t have this problem.

The answer lies in the food supply.  The corporate takeover of the American food (and drug) supply has caused the epidemic of fat, obesity, cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.  Mega-corporations now control most of the food that Americans eat.  They have stripped that food of nutrients, added chemicals and hormones, and altered the genetics. They have purposefully added chemicals and ingredients to make their franken-food addictive (sugar, fat, salt, caffeine, MSG, and other cheap addictive substances).

They have also spent billions of dollars on propaganda campaigns to program Americans to eat this garbage.  They are the ones who donate “educational material” to schools to “teach” kids about “nutrition” (ie. program them to eat the garbage).  They control the US government and how it regulates food and drugs.  They control the media (through direct ownership and through the influence of billions in advertising dollars).  They control the mainstream medical schools and journals (through massive “donations” and other bribes/gifts).

The result has been a total reprogramming of what and how Americans eat.  The majority now eat mostly processed corporate food that is highly addictive.  Though most fat Americans want to lose weight, they find that they can’t break their addiction to the toxic garbage they have been eating.

At this point in America (and much of the world) it is impossible to eat healthy food if you eat at a restaurant.  To eat healthy at home, you must shop only at health food stores… and even then only in the organic produce and bulk food sections.

Processed food in “health food” stores (in a box, can, or bottle) is, in fact, made by the same mega corporations as the food sold in regular groceries  (nearly all processed health food companies are now owned by companies such as Coke, Cargill, General Mills, etc).

The American people’s greatest sins are not gluttony and slot- they are gullibility and conformity.  Despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary, most Americans continue to act as if  their government, their corporations, and their media are trustworthy.  They continue to believe that the people in these institutions really don’t mean them any harm. They continue to watch and believe TV and the “news”.  They continue to value “normalcy” over health.

The reason it’s so difficult for Americans to be healthy is that to do so, you must break completely with mainstream American society.  You cannot be both “normal” and healthy in America… because sickness and obesity are what’s normal.

To be healthy in America, you must become a “health nut”.  You must avoid the restaurants that everyone else eats at.  You must avoid the food that everyone else eats.  You must live a lifestyle completely different from everyone else.

For most people, this is psychologically too difficult.  They value fitting in more than being healthy (unconsciously).  It’s simply too difficult to fight against the entire culture.

This is exactly the situation the food and drug companies want.

Unfortunately, these companies are now taking over the food supply internationally.  Year by year, they extend their reach into Asia, S. America, and the rest of the world.

For example, Japanese people– once among the healthiest in the world– are now increasingly eating packaged, processed food.  They are getting fatter and less healthy.  This is happening everywhere in the world.

So here’s the “inconvenient” and difficult truth:

At this point, to be healthy you must be different and “weird”.  You must become a “nut”.

You can be “normal” or you can be healthy, but you can’t be both.