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I just returned from a cruise (a seminar at sea) in the Caribbean.  The seminar was great and I had a wonderful time with my wife, my best friend, and her Mom.

However, I was also greatly disturbed by most of the other people on the cruise.  If you’ve ever been on a cruise, you might know what I mean:

Most were extremely overweight.  They had trouble going up and down the stairs.  Some had walkers, or moved around in scooters.  When I see such scenes, I sometimes feel like the only sane person in a mad house.  I ask myself, “doesn’t anyone else realize how sick and insane this situation is?”

I find the health situation in America appalling (which is being exported to the world thanks to food and agriculture mega companies).

My heart goes out to these poor souls, most of whom have no idea why they have become so addicted to processed chemicalized food and a sedentary life.  They don’t realize how they have been programmed by hours of TV.  They don’t realize how their own bio-chemistry has been hijacked and manipulated.  And they look around and see that nearly everyone else is overweight, in pain, etc…  and conclude that it’s “normal”.  Normal it may be, but it’s certainly not a natural or sane situation.

Which brings me to my new pet project– developing a system of health and fitness training.  I’m slowly working on this, with the goal of eventually helping people wake up from the nightmare and achieve strong, vibrant, lasting health.

My model and hero in this area is Jack Lalanne… who lived strong, fit and healthy into his late 90s.

I’m now in the process of building my own strength, endurance, health and happiness in order to be a true model for people.  More importantly, I’m studying psychological techniques to help change people’s addictive cravings, limiting beliefs, etc.

It’s slower going than I hoped, simply because I want to develop something that will really make a difference in people’s lives.  It’s a huge challenge– because it’s a fight against a massive onslaught of programming and bio-chemical warfare.


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For the past 4 months I’ve been traveling in Asia, and I return rejuvenated- as always.

During this trip, I visited Indonesia for the first time.  Before visiting, I had no information about the country.  I traveled there with 3 good friends… and let them handle all of the travel arrangements. I didn’t know what to expect.

What I found was one of the friendliest places I have ever visited– and one of the most beautiful.  The people were absolutely wonderful.  And because tourism is not as widespread as in Thailand (Bali is the exception)– you meet fewer jaded individuals.

We visited three places:  Jogyakarta– a university town, Bali (Ubud)– a funky tourist hub, and Bunaken Island– a diving paradise.

Indonesia is now near the top of my “places to visit” list… and I will certainly be returning there.


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After much deliberation, I have finally left San Francisco!  I’ll be living a kind of migratory life that seems to suit me best.

Part of the year we will live in Hawaii (Maui).  Part of the year we’ll be in Asia (Japan and SE Asia).  And a month or two will be spent on the mainland US (mostly in the West).

This is purely for the purpose of “following my bliss”.  The big city life in San Francisco was not good for my psyche.   My wife and I found ourselves getting progressively more stressed, irritable, and unhappy.

The chilly, windy, foggy weather got to us too!

So, true to the Hobopoet spirit, we wised up and realized “we can live anywhere we want”.  We talked about our favorite places in the world-  Hawaii, Japan, and Southeast Asia.   And then we said, “duh, let’s just split our time between those places… in whatever proportion feels right each year”.

So goodbye San Francisco, hello warm sunny tropics!