Nomadic Life

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I’m a nomad.  A “neo-bedouin”.  I simply love the variety and challenge of travel.

I have lived in a car.  I’ve lived in a van.  I’ve backpacked around Asia.  I’ve lived in several Asian countries on a shoe-string.  They were all great experiments- interesting and growth-producing.

Over the past few years, however, I’ve been a lot more stationary…  kind of “stuck” in San Francisco. It has never truly felt like home.

That situation is soon to change.  Tomoe (my wife) and I have decided on a nomadic lifestyle that fits our needs.

I, starting this Fall, will be a true nomad–  splitting my time every year between Southeast Asia (probably KL, Malaysia), Kyoto Japan, and the US.  I’ll spend roughly 4 months in each place.

We plan to rent a house in Kyoto.  Kyoto is a fantastic place– the old capital of Japan. It is filled with marvelous temples, traditional houses, and bamboo-lined paths (in addition to a fully modern city).  Kyoto has tons of artists and artisans, lots of students, and lots of health-conscious people.  It has the most vegan/veg. restaurants of any Japanese city I’ve visited.  The city is also surrounded by hills and mountains– plenty of hiking and nature nearby.  It’s an ideal place to spend the summer– which is what I’ll be doing.

Tomoe has given me the task of learning Japanese while I’m in Kyoto- so that’s one project I’ll be focused on there!  In addition, I’ll be doing classes and seminars for Japanese companies (and for my planned non-profit Foundation), doing seminars in other nearby Asian countries (Korea, China, Taiwan,..), and writing & planning lessons.

Kuala Lumpur is a fully modern SE Asian city.  Tropical, diverse… and packed with fabulous food- incredible Indian food (better than India, in my opinion),  Chinese food, and Malay food… and an amazing bounty of tropical fruits and veggies.   It’s a bustling place… but unlike Bangkok… has clean air.  My good friend Kenny (another Georgia boy) already lives there and, next year, also becomes an entrepreneur.  KL is always hot and sunny– a perfect place to spend the Winter– which is what I’ll be doing!

While in KL I’ll be mostly focused on doing as many seminars as possible– in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, S. China, and India.  We’ll also enjoy hiking trips.. and of course, lots of diving.

The final 4 months of the year I’ll spend in the USA– visiting friends and family, attending seminars, and recording lessons for Effortless English.

I’ve felt a giddy excitement building inside me every since we decided on this schedule.  Taking to the open road and the open skies….  moving with the seasons…  the nomadic life is calling me again….

The Health and Aging Threshold

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There is no doubt at all that we can all age with incredible vitality, strength, health and energy.  We can all have 80-100+ years of incredible vitality… long lives full of life.

There is also no doubt that in our teens and 20s,… and for some, in their 30s,..  it’s possible to heap a massive amount of abuse on the body and still feel relatively decent.

However, there is a threshold– a point at which the chemicals, garbage food, and sedentary life catch up with nearly everyone.

That threshold, for most people, is around the age of 40.

Here’s the common pattern in America–  a person eats badly for decades.  They gradually add fat to their body in their 20s and 30s….  but aren’t necessarily “obese” (though more and more are becoming obese younger and younger).

These people aren’t athletic, but they don’t consider themselves to have bad health.

Then they get near age 40.  The decades of abuse rapidly catch up to them.   More pounds of fat get added.

And it’s at this time they begin to notice other disturbing things happening–  their energy and drive start dropping, their sexual drive drops, their muscle mass begins to slowly and gradually drop.  The vitality begins to seep away.

Most people go into denial and say “it’s nothing”.  Or they pass it off as “normal” aging.  I can’t tell you how many older friends I’ve heard say, “Well, I’m just getting older”.

This is tragic.  To start losing one’s vitality at 40…  and live the next 3-5+ decades feeling ever weaker, ever more fatigued, ever more grumpy,… with a diminishing zest for life….  it is so unnecessary.

The challenge is this–  after the age of 40 there is no more leeway.  When you abuse your body for 40 years, you have no more room for error if you want to be fantastically alive.  At that point, you must adopt a 100% healthy lifestyle.  You must cut out ALL of the garbage.  You must eat such that your hormones will remain balanced and normal. Most people also need a few key supplement.

And everyone needs exercise– both “slow burn” aerobic exercise (ie. walking) and muscle building exercise (ie. weights, kettlebells,..).

The problem for most people is that after 40 (or 50, or 60) years of living a trashy, unhealthy lifestyle- they become addicted to junk food.  Most even connect their identity to the garbage food they eat.

And so most choose to cling to garbage comfort foods– mistakenly thinking that the small pleasures of eating them are greater any benefit they’d get from becoming a “health nut” and eating all that “strange” health food.

Now that I’m on the other side of that threshold… and have become a full-fledged “health nut”, I can say unequivocally that NOTHING compares to the incredible every day vibrant high of super-health!   Nothing compares to feeling constantly energetic… all day long.  Nothing compares to feeling generally happy and emotionally positive… all day long.  Nothing compares to being mentally sharp… all day long.  Nothing compares to having a strong motivation and drive- and a feeling of life purpose and mission… every day.. all day long.

No donut, no bread, no pasta, no packaged chemicalized garbage food of any kind… no matter how skillfully prepared… no matter how much it stimulates the body… can compare to how I feel now.

It’s not too late to feel fantastic.

No matter what your age- you can change now.

You must simply decide that your life, your friends and family, your vitality… are more important that an addiction to garbage food and sedentary TV watching.

Get disgusted with your deteriorated life!  Get passionately excited about what is possible.

And take massive, consistent action.

Once you achieve a feeling of super-health, you’ll never go back… and remaining healthy will feel effortless.

The Disease Conspiracy

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The horrific state of health in America is NOT natural.  It’s not accidental.

I don’t understand how anyone can look around and not see that there is a HUGE problem.

Obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart-disease.. all are proclaimed “epidemics”.

Yet people shrug and pop the pills their doctor gives them… and few people seem upset by the situation.

It absolutely horrifies me.

Something is very very very wrong.

The industrial food industry and the industrial medical industry have created the sickest and most miserable population on the planet.  Through relentless marketing and total control of the media, they’ve convinced people that fast food, diabetes, insulin injections, chemotherapy, anti-depressants, and cholesterol drugs are “normal”.

It’s worse than anything found in Brave New World.

Health is the most basic right and gift of every human being– and it has been systematically destroyed in this country.

When I think of people I know who are over 45 years old… I can hardly identify a single healthy person.

It’s a tragedy.

It’s a tragedy because we can all have the vibrant health of Jack Lalanne, or Paul Bragg, or Fred Bisci.  We can all be strong, vibrant, pain-free, and alive in our 80s, 90s, and beyond.

This health is possible– but only to those who wake up from the media-food-medical nightmare and reclaim their lives.

It’s not too late for you.

Dangers of Personal Websites

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I’m back for some more sporadic posts on Hobopoet!

A while back I deactivated my personal Facebook account,… and avoided this blog too.  I find the two can be quite dangerous!

I’m a pretty impulsive person– and when I get an idea my first instinct is to jump into action.

That instinct has served me very well in many areas of my life.

Unfortunately, it’s not so good when I’m upset about some aspect of the decline and death of American democracy (can it go any lower?  I’m sure it can and will).

I tend to write fast and loose when I’m upset by yet another example of:

  • the horrific health of Americans (and indeed, most of the world)
  • the death of the US constitution
  • the constant invasions and bombings and torture
  • the overwhelming fraud and lies

Maybe I’m just sensitive, both those things bother me!

But.. I’ve learned that I often upset my more mainstream friends and acquaintances when I rant against these evils.  Most people, it seems, don’t even see the problems… much less are upset by them.

So…  I’ll do my best not to upset you while sharing my ideas and feelings as honestly as possible.