Not Willpower

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For many many MANY years I struggled with blood sugar problems.  For much of my life I was a sugar “addict”.

This produced terrible consequences both physically and mentally.  Physically I found my energy crashing at several points during the day.  To raise my energy back up, I would eat more sugar or drink a coffee.

The mental consequences were even worse.  I became very moody– sometimes super-energized and manic and enthusiastic…  other times depressed, frustrated, and irritable.

Of course I recognized that I needed to change.  I tried many times to kick the sugar (and coffee) habit… using willpower.   I would decide to eliminate sugar…  then struggle for several days or weeks.   During that time I’d feel strong cravings and would have to battle those urges constantly.  Inevitably I’d see something sugary, or pass a coffee shop… and then my willpower would break and I’d start eating sweets again.

It was an up and down battle for years and years.

And then suddenly, it all changed.  Suddenly, avoiding sweets became easy and effortless.

The “secret” was a focus on what I would ADD to my diet… not on what I wanted to avoid.

I began to study nutrition (especially raw food nutrition) and realized that if I fed my body highly nutritious foods that would keep my blood sugar steady, I could eliminate the strong cravings for sugar.  And that’s exactly what I did.

First, I increased the amount of healthy, easy to absorb protein I ate each day.   I did this with superfood smoothies containing:  raw sprouted rice protein, bee pollen,  blue-green algae, spirulina, goji berry and maca.

Next, I increased the amount of FAT– healthy fat– that I ate each day.  Fat is NOT the enemy of health and weigh-loss… we need HEALTHY fats.  To my smoothies I added coconut oil (raw) and Udo’s oil (flax, borage,…).  I also began eating avocados daily.

Finally, I added polysaccharides to my diet.  Polysaccharides are “healthy sugars”…  slower burning, steady energy sugars.   I got these from chaga mushroom, reishi mushroom, sprouted barley, and goji berries.

By adding these three elements to my diet in significant quantities… I eliminated cravings for sugar.

Now, when I pass by a coffee shop or pastry shop, I feel no physical craving for what’s inside.  As a result, I no longer require willpower to resist sugar.  I simply make a rational decision to avoid eating things that will destroy my health.

This is the key to achieving lasting changes in your diet.  Don’t try to rely on willpower… and don’t obsess about what you want to avoid.

Rather, ADD in more and more foods that will stabilize your energy and blood sugar.

As David Wolfe says,… these healthy foods will gradually crowd out the unhealthy junk… until you no longer desire the crap.

The result– you’ll experience the most energy and vitality you have ever felt– all day long!

4 Corners Fitness Plan

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My drive towards super-health and super-fitness continues…..

For the past 3 months, I’ve been eating about an 80% Raw Food diet… comprised mostly of fresh veggie juices, “super-food” smoothies, fresh salads, brown rice, miso soup, and sea vegetables.   I’ve lost fat and gained energy.

Most importantly to me, I have tamed the blood sugar problems that plagued me most of my life.  No more blood sugar spikes or crashes!

I continue to follow this basic nutrition plan.

In addition, I have been slowly and very gradually building a fitness plan.

This started with lots of walking to build a solid aerobic base.  In my opinion, walking is the most basic and essential human physical activity.  It is highly alkalizing and puts the body in an aerobic fat burning state.   Is it the most intense way to lose weight?  No.  But it is probably the core activity for lifelong health and all-day energy.

The next stage in my fitness routine started three months ago with weight lifting.  I tried a new approach– power lifting.  With this approach, I lifted heavy weights– 2 sets of 5 repetitions.  I never lifted to muscle failure.. always made sure my muscles still had energy and still felt fresh at the end of the workout.  The result was that I achieved personal bests with both the deadlift and the (one arm) dumbbell press– the first time in my life I have ever made significant strength gains.  My deadlift maximum increased about 30% in that three month time period- and I’m very satisfied with that result.

I am now gradually adding one more element to my “super-fitness” routine– kettlebell swings/snatches.   I’m starting with a fairly light kettlebell (25lbs) and doing snatches for 10 minutes some days… and heavier swings (50lbs) on other days.

So the “four corners” of my fitness routine are:

1.  Deadlift:   3 times a week.   2 sets of 5 reps

2.  Side Dumbbell Press:  3 times a week.  2 sets of 5 reps (each arm)

3.  Kettlebell Snatches:  3-4 times a week.  14 snatches a minute for 10 minutes (alternate hands every 7 reps).

4.  Walking:  Daily, 2+ hours a day.

With the first two “power” exercises,  I cycle every 3 months… aiming to peak during the last month of each cycle.. achieve new personal bests… then drop down and begin a new cycle.  During the starting (low point) of those lifting cycles (the first 1.5 months)… I aim to do the kettlebell snatches more intensely and frequently.   As the power lifts get heavier, I’ll scale back the frequency of kettlebell workouts.

Walking is a constant base aerobic activity that I always do… and have done most of my life.

My goals for this year are to Deadlift 300+ pounds,  side press 75+ pounds (each arm),  Snatch the 50lb kettlebell 50 times in 5 minutes,… and, of course, walk 2+ hours daily.  For the year after that my goals are to Deadlift 400+ pounds, Side Press 100+ pounds (each arm) and Kettlebell Snatch 50lbs 100 times in 5 minutes (the RKC test).

And where am I now?   Current maximums for the above are:  Deadlift- 265 pounds,  Side Press- 55 pounds (each arm),  Snatch 25lb kettlebell 140 times in 5 minutes,… and walk 2+ hours daily.

Once I achieve these milestones personally, I’ll feel I’m ready to go for RKC Certification (Russian Kettlebell Certification Coach) and begin coaching/training other people to help them attain higher standards of health, fitness, and vitality!

I’m greatly saddened by the extremely poor levels of health and fitness of most people.  It saddens me so much because I can see the tremendous limitation these poor standards place on people’s lives.  I see the soul-crushing loss of energy, vitality, enthusiasm and physical capability and I’m highly motivated to help people escape that half-life existence.

But first, as Gandhi said, you must become the change you want to see in the world (and others)… and so,  whipping my own ass into shape is now job number 1  😉



Why The Silence?

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WarisPeaceAnother year, another war launched by the United States.  We’re now killing people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran (covertly),… and now our “president of peace” is bombing Libyans.

What I find most sickening is the silence from so called “liberals” in America.  When Bush was president, these people whined and complained about “his” wars, about the loss of freedoms, etc.  It was all personalized to Bush– the evil idiot.

Now that suave Obama is president, these same people seem to have no problem with the occupation of Iraq, the occupation of Afghanistan, the bombing of Pakistanis, and now a full-scale bombing of Libyans.  These “good Americans” also seem to have no problem with the renewal of the “Patriot Act” and, indeed, the acceleration of the destruction of personal liberties.. and the Bill of Rights.

Americans are all about fashion and image and TV performance.  Liberals like Obama because he sounds educated and seems suave… and says soothing things about “hope” (and says bad things about rich people).   The average American doesn’t care about reality or actions… just about image and talk.

Likewise, “Conservatives” love Bush, Palin, etc. because they sound “down to earth” and “straight-talking”.  They say soothing things about patriotism, family, and business.  They also care nothing about reality or actual actions.

And so the American government (with it’s British pets) continually launches wars for oil… regardless of who is president.  The government continually clamps down on civil liberties.. regardless of who is president.  The government continually serves the mega-banks and mega-corporations, regardless of who is president. And CNN, the BBC, Fox News, etc. continually churn out the propaganda to promote the core agenda of every American government:  banks, oil, mega-corps, control.

That’s fine with most of my fellow countrymen & women, just as long as their president presents an image they can identify with….   in America, politics is nothing but lifestyle marketing.