Super-Health Heroes

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Here are links to a few of my super-health heroes… people who have taught me a great deal about health, fitness and vitality:

Fred Bisci:

Jack Lalanne:

David Wolfe:

Joseph McClendon III:

Matt Monarch:

Sounds Like Someone I Knew

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It is oftentimes remarked that vegetarians are frequently not particularly good examples of health and vitality.  Would it surprise you if I said that I agree with this criticism?  The vegetarians who display minimum standards of health and vitality, are those who have merely eliminated meat.  They [still] consume vast quantities of cooked grain and starchy foods.  They do not eliminate sugar from their diets and, often, they cook all or most of their vegetables!  They do not usually drink fresh vegetable juices.  On such a diet it is difficult to have a healthy body.

–Normal Walker

The above quote summarizes my own situation for the past 16+ years.   That’s when I became a vegetarian.  Of course, I did notice some health benefits as a vegetarian.. especially when I ate a vegan diet.   However I never got the tremendous health, energy and vitality that I hoped for.

Now I understand why.  Though I eliminated meat, I continued to eat a lot of VERY harmful junk:   processed sugars,  cooked grains, breads,  and fake meats.   Processed starches (carbs) and sugars are as harmful,.. or more harmful… than meat.   So I eliminated one very toxic element (meat) but continued to poison my body with these others.

A month ago, I finally changed to a natural healthy (still vegetarian) lifestyle.   I have eliminated processed sugars completely!   I also no longer eat bread, nor cooked rice.  I no longer eat fake meats.

Instead, I now focus on eating LOTS of raw fresh vegetables and “superfoods”.   Green Juices are my staple food.   Each day I have 1-2 Green Juices consisting of:  Spinach, Parsley, Celery, Carrot, Apple, & Ginger.  Sometimes I add Wheatgrass and Kale too.   It’s like a mega-shot of energy and nutrition!   Each day I also have at least one “Superfood Shake”… consisting of (all raw & organic):  cacao,  maca, spirulina, AFA algae, bee pollen,  udo’s oil,  coconut oil,  hempseeds,  sprouted rice protein, goji berries, maqui berries, yacon, and digestive enzymes.

And, of course, I love to eat big green salads.. with Kale, Spinach, Lettuce, Cucumber, Avocado, Olives, Red Peppers……..

Since changing to this new way of living, I am finally experiencing the super-energy and super-health I was aiming for.   I have energy all day, every day.  I run 9 miles a day without fatigue… and workout (with weights) twice a week.

I no longer have energy crashes during the day.   I’m not extremely moody, as I used to be.   Instead I feel steady energy from when I wake up until I go to bed… and a steady, positive, happy mood.

The most amazing result, for me, is that my sugar cravings TOTALLY disappeared after only TWO weeks of eating like this!  Since I was a child I have craved sugar and battled with these cravings.  Suddenly– they are gone!  I walk by bakeries all the time and feel no urge to eat anything inside.

A nice side benefit is that I’m actually adding some muscle to my body too… and have lost 10 pounds (5kg) of fat.  My goals are not cosmetic, but it’s still a nice side benefit of getting healthier, more energized, and stronger!

So the secret to super-health is actually very simple:

A Natural GREEN Vegetarian Lifestyle–   full of fresh Green Juices,  Healthy Shakes,  and Big Green Salads.


How I’m Getting Healthier

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I’m now back in (rainy) San Francisco after completing the Shikoku 88 trip.   My focus here is on getting healthier.

Progress has been good.  I’m feeling great.   I have lost a total of 9 pounds (~4 kg).   I’m running 9 miles (15km) a day,…  4-6 days a week.

All that is fine, but honestly, fitness has always been easier for me than health.  I’m naturally active and energetic and I enjoy being outdoors.

My struggles in the past have always been around food… and specifically with sugar.   I’ve been a “sugar addict” for most of my adult life.

I became a vegetarian 15+ years ago.  That was definitely an improvement to my health.  However,  I remained a sugar addict.

I now believe that sugar (refined carb) is as destructive to health as meat… or even more so.   And it certainly is much more addictive.  It took me several months to break my meat eating habit.  It has taken me years to break the sugar habit.   I tried countless times…  with great willpower.  Quite honestly,  I wondered if I would ever really break the cravings for sugar.

Well- I have.   I now feel no cravings for sugar.   I walk by bakeries that used to tempt me… and feel no desire to go inside.

How have I done this?

The number one secret–  Superfood Shakes.

There is a theory that states that our strong food cravings are a result of lack of nutrition in our diet.   In other words,  we keep eating and eating and eating because we are not getting enough powerful nutrition from the dead foods (junk food) we are consuming.  I believe this theory may be correct.

Superfood shakes are simply a blended drink containing 9-10 of the most nutritious and healthy foods on the planet–  all raw and organic.   My Superfood shakes include:   Maca,  Spirulina,  Cacao,  Hempseeds,  Bee Pollen,  Marine Phytoplankton,  Powdered Spinach/Kale/Barley,  Coconut Oil,  Flax Oil/Borage Oil,  Sprouted Rice Protein,  Goji Berries, Maqui Berries,  and Digestive Enzymes.

That shake packs in more nutrition than most people get in a week or more of eating!   Since I started those shakes,  my sugar cravings have disappeared.  I have stopped eating junk food completely.   My energy level is great– and it’s constant and steady throughout the day.

My recovery time from runs and other exercise is much faster too.  In the past, if I ran 9 miles one day, I’d usually need to rest the next day.  Now,  I run 9 miles on back to back to back days.  No need for “recovery days”.

I drink 1-2 of these shakes a day.

In addition, since getting back to San Francisco I have also been drinking fresh Green Juices every day.    These are freshly made organic juices which include:   Spinach, Kale, Celery, Parsley, Apple,  Carrot, and Ginger.    I have 2 of these a day usually.

These juices, like the shakes, are packed with Super Nutrition!   They are tremendously alkalizing (and thus energizing).

So that’s my “secret”:    2 fresh Green Juices a day,  and 1-2 Superfood Shakes a day.      Those sustain me for most of the day.   Other than those drinks, I might eat a big salad… and/or some brown rice pasta with tomato sauce and olive oil.     That more than fills me up and satisfies my hunger– which amazes me.    I used to eat 3-4 times that amount of food and still feel cravings for sugar (especially late at night)….  and I wasn’t running at that time.

So now I’m eating far fewer calories,  have much more energy all day long,  am running 9 miles most days,… and don’t feel hungry.

This is what happens when you eat/drink foods packed with super-nutrition!