Time Distortion

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One of the truly amazing things about Thailand (and SE Asia in general) is that there is more time here.  Really.

In America, I’m always rushed and feel I never seem to have enough time in the day.   So much to do… so many distractions.  Rush, rush, rush.   And everyone else I know there is exactly the same.   It’s always a major ordeal to schedule a social gathering— everyone has to “check their calendars” (including me).

Here in Bangkok, I  seem to have about 5 times as much time in the day.  Somehow I have plenty of time to wake early, do a bit of yoga, walk or run, read, and meditate every morning…….   and go to several appointments (face to face meetings, not “virtual” or “phone”!!)….  and relax in a cafe for a few hours reading and writing in my journal…. and go for long walks in Lumpini Park….   and call friends/family in the States….  and work several hours online on the business…..  and go out to dinner….. and meet friends in the evening….   and get to bed early (or not)…..


Honestly, it seems like magic.

But when I think about it more rationally, my first guess as to the difference (between life in the US and life in Thailand) is that life in the US is so bogged down in bullshit distractions, trivia, media, and inflexible schedules.

Here, everything is flexible and no one seems to be in a hurry to do anything…  yet I get 5 times more done in a day than back in San Francisco.

Whatever the reasons…  this amazing Thailand Time Warp is one of my favorite things about living here.   Life is so much fuller and more balanced here…  and it’s effortless.

Life in the US is a struggle and a battle by comparison.

So as the economy tanks, and the constitution vaporizes, and life becomes increasingly boring, desperate, and regimented in “The West”….   why not look beyond your borders to sunnier lands!!!!

America is in it’s death throes (worse is yet to come in 2010… I promise) and the sun is setting on the Empire…..

…. bun the sun is rising in the East!!

Back in Thailand

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Well I’m back in Thailand and Asia for several months and this seemed a good time to write something for Hobopoet (aka “the blog with no readers”  😉

Arrived in Bangkok and this time it just felt like coming home….   eased right into a daily groove immediately.   Nice change from the gloom of Winter in San Francisco!

This year I’m setting the stage for a more permanent home here…   I have retained a law firm to set up a company here and get me a work permit….   with the eventual goal of a permanent resident card in a few years  (the Thailand equivalent of a green card).

My plan is to transition first to living half the year here and half in San Francisco…  and down the road perhaps even more here and less in SF.

Whatever my income,  the quality of life here is just so much higher.    Impoverished in the US, you live comfortably here.   Doing well in the US, you live great here.   Abundant in the US, you are super-abundant here.   Plus the people are nicer, the weather is sunny and hot all the time, etc., etc. etc……

Besides setting up the company and doing work here… my main focus is building connections with local people.   In fact, I’m doing a series of free Workshops…  losing money in fact…  but am doing so in order to meet people, contribute to my students, and build connections.   Eventually I do want to have a seminar business here that at least makes a little money!

On that front, things are going well.  The first Workshop was a big success and I met a really incredible guy– the owner of the company that hosted the Workshop.   I find that, increasingly, I like to connect with creators and entrepreneurs.

Sadly, as I get older I find that the majority of adults over 30 bore the hell out of me.  Most seem to have given up on passion or any kind of engaged and interesting life.   I’ve never been one for small talk… but now I can’t even fake it.  I just don’t care what the latest “good” TV show is, or who Tiger Woods is screwing, or any of the rest of that BS trivia.

I love meeting people who have a purpose and mission to their life… whether it’s serving homeless people, or building a company, or protecting the environment, or making art, or learning languages, or whatever.    These are people with fire in their souls, who love life.  These kind of people grow more engaged, more interesting, more empowered and more creative as they age.

They are my kindred spirits and I’m blessed that I seem to be meeting more and more of them!

So….  here’s to the creators, the entrepreneurs, the artists, the restless, the passionate, the rebels……!

Have a very Happy New Year!!