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The Portable Emperor ;)

The Portable Emperor ;)

Well the big 10-week “Portable Empire” trip is over.  I’m now back in San Francisco.

The trip went very well.  I did a great seminar in Bangkok, went down to Singapore, visited Cambodia, and went on a dive trip.   All in all a very nice pattern break–  I feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Despite slower connection speeds and other inconveniences, I did manage to run the business successfully from my laptop and in fact I grew the business during the 10 weeks abroad.   I attribute this mostly to some cool ideas I thought of– inspired by my new surroundings.  So I can safely say that the Portable Empire was not only possible.. but actually even more productive than running a standard, stationary business!

After that energizing break, I’m now happy to be back in the best city in the US!   I’ve hit the ground running (literally)– went for a 2 hour long run at Golden Gate Park and just finished an herbal cleanse.  Feeling great.

I’ve also jumped on both Bass Guitar and Singing– practicing more than ever before.   It’s taken some time, but I have gradually filled my huge amounts of free time with inspiring and meaningful (to me) pursuits.  I’m dedicated to mastery of the Bass and Singing,  and I have a much bigger vision for my business– not just as a vehicle of personal abundance and freedom… but now as a means to contribute these to many other people.  I’m eating (nearly) pure vegan and running and feeling more energetic than when I was 18.

Which goes to show just what’s possible when you get the wage slavery monkey off your back.   Immediately after achieveing freedom, it’s normal to have a period of hedonism…  or for some, a time of boredom and doubt (I managed all of them :)     It’s a HUGE change…  suddenly having your entire day free to do whatever the hell you want.

So much of my energy was, necessarily, dedicated to achieving freedom that once I did, it took a while to figure out what I wanted to do with it once I had it!

There are countless answers to that challenge–  different for every person.  For me– I need more challenges.  I need to be on one or more paths to mastery.   That’s why I decided to pursue the dream of being a musician–  its a lifelong dream and it is also a very demanding mastery path of self-discipline, challenge, and inspiration.

The business now provides those same benefits and challenges, as I transform its vision into one of contribution and community building.   Our first seminar in Bangkok was a HUGE step in that direction.  I absolutely loved the direct human contact of it… and I loved seeing the happiness and enthusiasm on the faces of the participants.   It was, as Hakim Bey calls it, a “Temporary Autonomous Zone”..  in other words, a short time period of absolute freedom and exhilaration.  My aim now is to create more of these.

I will also use the business as a tool for community building,.. for connecting people in a meaningful and positive way.    We are doing this in multiple ways– through the use of an online forum, through the seminars, and through our upcoming new video membership site.   Down the road, my big dream is to create an Immigrant Learning Institute in San Francisco.. to help connect and inspire and teach and learn from immigrants here in the city.

So much to do……..     such that I find that filling my free time is no longer a problem!