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Mom Begins Her Journey To Health

It’s been a hard-working month of vacation here in Bangkok… culminating in yesterdays 5 hour seminar– which rocked!  I had a fantastic time and thoroughly destroyed my voice (singing teacher won’t like that– gotta learn how to speak powerfully without killing the voice)!

Now it’s time for some well-deserved hedonism!  Tomoe arrives tonight, and the rest of the SF gang arrives later this week.

Then it’s down to Koh Payam for a birthday party on the beach, and some diving!  I’ll also be getting in a nice long run there.  It’ll be nice to finally run somewhere that isn’t choked in smog.   Next week’s long run will clock in at 2 hours.

In fact, the running paid off beautifully yesterday at the seminar– giving me the fuel I needed to go all out for 5 straight hours (with no lunch).   This is, after all, the reason we “exercise”:  health = energy.

Our sick (literally) culture equates health with longevity only–  it’s something you do so you can squeeze out a few more years when you are old and tired.. that’s the message we are sent.  We’re also sent the message that health is difficult and inconvenient… or even “weird”  (thus the term “health nut”).

In my mind, sedentary, tired, overweight people are “nuts”.  Why destroy your happiness, vitality, and most of all– ENERGY?

I’m happy to report that my Mom, after a lifetime of being obese, has finally gotten the message (in large part thanks to a Tony Robbins seminar we attended).   She’s become a vegetarian, is exercising everyday, sucks down “green vegetable drinks”, and drinks lots of water.   During my whole lifetime, I have never seen her so focused.

I think she’s finally understanding that the benefits of health occur RIGHT NOW.  Once you taste that sustained energy and peak mental state, you never want to go back to lethargy!

And so, my hedonism on the beach will include plenty of running, swimming, diving, and soccer playing!

Happily Busy In Bangkok

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Life In Bangkok

Life In Bangkok

“Disciplined Hedonism” is one of my favorite phrases– one I first heard from my friend Chris.

In fact, I do think we need a healthy dose of both self-discipline AND hedonism in our life.

This month, the first month of the “Portable Empire” experiment in Bangkok, has mostly been about discipline.  I have been working steadily and successfully on the “empire” since arriving here.

In fact, as I noted previously, I’ve had an explosion of productivity since arriving.  The new environment has stimulated and energized me.  In the last two weeks, I’ve launched a new (and quite effective) marketing campaign for the business…  created several new videos for our upcoming video site…  wrote several articles and press releases… and have planned and scheduled our first seminar in Bangkok (Sunday, January 25th).

I have also kicked ass with running.  Despite the heat and pollution, I’m running like a fool.  My weekly long run is now up to 90 minutes (two days ago).  Each week, I add another 10 minutes to the long run.  My regular “maintainence runs” are also going very well– I’m doing them 3-4 times a week at 40 to 60 minutes each.

All in all, I’m feeling super-energized!

And I’ve been disciplined with singing too– practing (almost) every morning.  And today, I had my first singing lesson by phone– with my teacher in San Francisco.  Too cool!

All of this made possible by a laptop, the internet, and a cheap Thai cell phone!

This discipline phase will continue for another two weeks.   Next week, I’m off to Singapore for a few days.  I’ll be meeting one of our members there (hopefully)– and doing my 100 minute long run.  Should be nice to run in clean air for a change!

Then I’m back to Bangkok for our seminar– a 5 hour seminar to introduce more Thai people to my teaching system and English lessons.

After that,.. it’ll finally be time for some hedonism!  My wife Tomoe arrives on the 26th of January.  Then my friends Wat and Lewis arrive on the 28th.  We’ll be heading down to the south (Koh Payam Island) for a big party, followed by a few days of snorkeling, diving, running on the beach, etc…   Then Tomoe and I plan to visit Cambodia,…  then dive some more…  then Laos…  then Fiji…  etc…….

So the Portable Empire has thus far been ideal at fostering both self-Discipline and Hedonistic opportunities!

Running The Empire

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The “Portable Empire” experiment is going very well.   In fact, I’ve been far more productive here in Thailand than I was in San Francisco!

Not sure why this is–  I think it’s probably a result of increased energy and inspiration as a result of a dramatic change of environment.   It’s so easy to get in a rut at home.  Mental and emotional ruts are the bane of the Hobopoet life.

Another factor is that I have much more time here.  This is also a strange phenomenon.   Why should I have more time in Thailand?  All I can say is that life just seems to move more slowly here.   In SF, I’m constantly bombarded by phone calls, appointments, and projects.

Moving to another continent has a way of weeding out all that’s non-essential.  Nobody is going to call me here unless it’s VERY important.   Also, because I must go to a coffee shop or internet cafe to do email…  I do it less often for less time.  In SF, I’ve got 24 hour access in my apartment and it’s just too damn easy to jump on the internet anytime I feel the least bit bored or restless.   Here in Thailand, I go for a walk, or get a massage, or sing, or go for a run.

And when I work, I do productive work-play rather than waste time surfing the web.   Today, for example, I wrote two articles, recorded two podcasts, recorded & edited two videos, and wrote a marketing email & published it.  All that in just a few hours.

Today I also went for a run, sang for an hour, played guitar, wrote in my journal, listened to music, and emailed friends.   And I’ve still got plenty of time on my hands and in no way feel rushed.

In fact, this is one of the most marvelous things about The Portable Empire experiment:  I’m “on vacation” in Thailand, yet I’m doing far more “work” (business and personal) than I ever did in SF–  for both my business and my personal projects I’m doing as much in one day as I did in one week back in the States.

On top of that, despite still paying rent on my SF apartment… I’m spending FAR less money while here in Thailand.  I’m “on vacation” and yet am saving a lot more money.

It’s hard to think of a cooler system!  Especially compared to the usual wage slavery way of making an income.  As a wage slave, I worked much harder, I had 2 paltry weeks of vacation a year, I was MUCH LESS productive (slaves aren’t usually very productive), and I almost never saved money (because I spent every available penny in a futile attempt to compensate for the boredom of work).

So The Portable Empire works from both the Hedonistic perspective, and the Productivity perspective…   a perfect system for both the slacker and the capitalist!   More time. More energy. More inspiration.  More fun. More created.  More accomplished.   All with less work, in less time, with less money.

The experiment, so far, is a remarkable success!